Planet of Insects

Planet of Insects is a 2D puzzle game made for a school project at Simon Fraser University. In this game players need to get to the exit of a map without being eaten by huge insects. While the insects are the main threat to the player, they can also be used to solve puzzles. The little boy controlled by the players has the ability to throw honey drops, which lures the insects to certain ares. For instance, players can use honey drops to let insects get eaten by pitcher plant or get insects to step on buttons that open fences. Type: School project Original concept & Game play: Xiaoyang(Tony) Luo Programming: Jun Peng Art: Xiaoyang(Tony) Luo Level Design: Peggy Gao, Mani Salmasi, Jun Peng, Xiaoyang(Tony) Luo

The Windows version of this game can be downloaded here.
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